Mental Health Moment 34: Feeling All the Feels All at Once

Welcome back everyone! Did you miss us? We’re back from our “sabbatical” by featuring an awesome interview with Amanda. She shares her personal mental health journey dealing with anxiety, depression, a divorce, and childhood trauma. We discuss prioritizing mental health, finding the right therapist, and how to get out of your own way to get the help you need. Together we’ll discover the power of being vulnerable, being open, and finding a safe space in therapy. Listen in to find out why therapy is sometimes like spring cleaning.

Mental Health Moment 33: Even If I Try to Fail I Can’t

This episode we welcome Emily’s youngest sister Becca to the podcast as she shares her story of her lifelong struggle with mental illness. As part of her journey we discuss major depressive disorder, self harm, and anorexia, along with a myriad of treatments like as therapy, inpatient hospitalization, and the sometimes controversial electro convulsive therapy or ECT. In the end, we learn the importance of focusing on the big picture of mental health and never giving up.

Mental Health Moment 32: Your Brain Needs to Go to This Place

On today’s show we welcome author, musician, painter, and hypnotist Darren Griffin to share his remarkable story of mental illness and his unconventional path to wellness. Without any previous mental health diagnoses, a severe medication mishap resulted in his brain injury and several mental health conditions. Suddenly his previously clinical study of the mind and mental health became his reality. Listen in as we discuss the trials of dealing with depression, anxiety, memory loss, and hallucinations brought on a brain injury. More importantly we celebrate the triumph in forgiving your weaknesses and embracing your strengths.

Mental Health Moment 31: Cool, Where’s My Sandwich?

This week on MHM we discuss mental health in our marriages and relationships. We’re also happy to welcome a special guest, Emily’s friend Melanie, who shares her point of view and experiences from having an open marriage. Not to spoil the episode but it turns out there’s a lot the same no matter how you define your relationship. To that end we talk about communication, boundaries, insecurities, stressors, anxieties, and the sometime endless “what ifs” that accompany any happy union. 

Mental Health Moment 30: Don’t Worry It’s Herbal

This week we present Emily’s presentation at BYU Women’s Conference, titled: “When We Feel Like a Broken Vessel: The Challenges of Anxiety and Depression.” We invite you to follow along with the presentation slides. We’re super happy (and lucky) that the presentation audio was recorded and that we’re allowed to share it with everyone on the podcast. It certainly was a surreal experience to be invited to speak to such an amazing group.

Mental Health Moment 29: Google Can Tell You the Weather and Brené

We’re back with a great episode about shame! Bet you never thought you’d ever read that. This week Emily’s sister Jenny joins us on the podcast to talk all things shame. We discuss the difference between guilt and shame, where guilt is feeling bad about your actions, shame is a poor view of self that is not beneficial. Additionally we discuss how men and women feel shame differently, how we can allow ourselves to make mistakes, and how empathy is the antidote to shame. Plus we talk *a lot* about sociopaths.

Mental Health Moment 28: Focus on the Wellness

This week we get introspective, like really really introspective, as the clinicians become the clients and talk about their own stuff. One of the goals of the podcast is reducing the stigma of mental health and what better way than to get vulnerable and talk about ourselves. Personal challenges aside, we talk the need for every individual to start with themselves and be honest about managing mental health. Remember compassion is vital…that and take your meds.

Mental Health Moment 27: I Got to be Human

Ever wonder why certain thoughts or ideas about yourself affects so much of your motivation and decision making? On this episode we talk all about core beliefs—or the ideas of how you perceive yourself that are built over time based on your life experiences, both for the positive and the negative. Many times in therapy what blocks a person from becoming their best self are negative core beliefs such as: “I’m broken”, “I’m ugly”, “I’m unlovable”, “I’m a failure”, or “I can’t do anything right.” We talk how to discover what your negative core beliefs might be, and how they are affecting your ability to becoming your better self. We also share some thoughts on challenging negative core beliefs with positive and realistic reframing.

Mental Health Moment 26: It was Therapeutic! Hello!

On this show we tackle one of the most frequently asked questions to therapists: does my kid need therapy? Claire joins us one again to talk about the most common issues affecting kids and when seeing a therapist might be a good idea. If you find yourself thinking “I don’t know if my kid needs therapy but…” then this episode is a great place to start. We also discuss the importance of parents supporting their kids in therapy and the fallacy that just sending them to therapy once a week will magically fix their problems. Finally we examine kid-friendly therapy modalities, why it looks different than adult therapy, and why it’s a good thing if your kid’s therapy session involves a lot of toys and sand.

Mental Health Moment 25: Jello Walls

This week Claire joins us again and we talk boundaries, what they are, why you need them and how we can all do a better job of sticking to them. We discuss how safe and healthy relationships are created and maintained with proper boundaries, whether those relationships are with coworkers, friends, and yes, even family. Learn about rigid boundaries and flexible boundaries and how to choose which one is best in various situations. Finally we explore how the “setting boundaries” discussion varies with different audiences, e.g. peers, children, and adult parents.