Mental Health Moment 23: I am Robin I’m Flying Solo

Hey all, we’ve teased this episode for a long time but now it’s here! How to dump your therapist! I mean, what is the proper way to end the therapeutic relationship. While it would be great if therapy could go on forever, in reality a therapist’s goal is to help you deal with your stuff and insurance companies may limit the number of session they’ll cover, so let’s end therapy the right way. Most people aren’t great at ending things in general but in general don’t “ghost” (just stop showing up without telling your therapist). We share 10 tips how to achieve a smooth end to therapy, and ensure a respectful transition.

Mental Health Moment 22: Nine Months Bad

On this week’s show we talk about dealing with people that don’t apologize. First and foremost don’t be that person that either cannot or will not apologize, but after that what can you do when dealing with an individual who cannot seem to bring themselves to say they are sorry. Learn the mistakes people make when they don’t get the apology they think they deserve. Finally, because no one has control over other people, we talk how your primary responsibilities are not being a jerk, self-awareness, and to keep your side of the street clean.

Mental Health Moment 21: Souls are Cooler

This week we ask the question “how do therapists professionally care?” As we build to our “breaking up with your therapist episode” we pause along the way to explore how to ensure your therapist truly cares about you and how you can make sure they are more than just someone who takes your money to hear your problems, a term that we loving refer to as an “emotional prostitute.” Plus an inside look into how “caring” therapists differ from “caring” lawyers.

Mental Health Moment 20: Sometimes Life Just Happens

We’re back! And to welcome ourselves back from our summer break we did the smart thing and dove right in to the subject of the mental health of sexual assault victims. Friend of the show Heather joins us to share her story and the wide range of complex feelings and emotions that stem from a sexual assault incident. Together we discuss how feelings of guilt, loneliness, shame, and others are normal, but not universal to sexual assault victims.

Mental Health Moment 19: In An Appropriate Way

Another episode taken from our Facebook Live sessions. This time we talk more about sharing our feelings with those around us. Learn why it’s important to own your emotions and why there’s “no blaming” when sharing with others. Finally, tips on how to be brave and share feelings in a more positive way, how someone can be a “litmus test” for sharing particular feelings, and why you can share certain feelings with some people but not with others.

We’re Available on Google Play Music

On our last episode during our “subscribe” plug (don’t forget to subscribe) we said you can subscribe on iTunes or the equivalent on your android phone. And then we realized, we aren’t actually on whatever android phones use to do podcast stuff. So we did some research about this android stuff (we’re all iPhone people) and learned about Google Play Music and how to get a podcast on there.