Mental Health Moment 25: Jello Walls

This week Claire joins us again and we talk boundaries, what they are, why you need them and how we can all do a better job of sticking to them. We discuss how safe and healthy relationships are created and maintained with proper boundaries, whether those relationships are with coworkers, friends, and yes, even family. Learn about rigid boundaries and flexible boundaries and how to choose which one is best in various situations. Finally we explore how the “setting boundaries” discussion varies with different audiences, e.g. peers, children, and adult parents.

Mental Health Moment 24: There’s Band-Aids

On this episode friend of the program and fellow therapist Claire McKeon joins us to talk about perfectionism. Let’s face it, we generally have a laundry list of expectations that we create for ourselves and the necessity to be perfect in all aspects of what we are and do. We need to be the best mom or dad, husband or wife, son or daughter, employee, friend, neighbor, school or community volunteer, the PTA president… and pretty soon the list is daunting. Combine that with comparing our average self to other’s best selves (especially as portrayed on social media) and it’s all so overwhelming. We talk about how to overcome the feeling of always needing to be perfect by accepting the reality of the situation without judgement. Plus ways to combat toxic perfectionism by taking a moment of down time to help you be your best self, and by focusing on something positive in your today, no matter how small.