Mental Health Moment 14: Comorbidity Live!

Yay for recording the podcast while broadcasting on Facebook Live! This week we talk comorbidity, which despite how it looks is just a fancy word for having multiple chronic conditions, which in this case would be multiple mental health disorders that commonly accompany ADHD. Listen in about what it looks like when someone with ADHD also has anxiety, depression, or sensory processing disorder. Finally, check out the live recording of this episode on our Facebook page to see all the juicy, scandalous details we edit out of the episodes (like we would ever say those kind of things 😉)

Mental Health Moment 13: Face Melting off with Sound

We have another special guest with us this week! While visiting sunny San Diego we recorded an episode with our friend Becca Harris. We talk kids (and a little about adults) with Sensory Processing Disorder or SPD. Listen in as we discuss both forms of SPD, both sensory seeking and sensory defensive, what to look for if you suspect someone might be affected by SPD, and what resources are available to help you attend to someone with SPD.

Mental Health Moment 11: Emotional Anarchy

On a very special episode of Mental Health Moment we are joined by Emily’s sister Jenny (also a social worker) and Felix Salazar. Felix tells his story of his wife who completed suicide about 5 years ago. Felix recounts the pain and emotions of the suicide of a family member and what he learned in his grieving process. Learn how everyone has their own way of grieving and there’s no perfect recipe to the emotional rollercoaster of suicide. Felix helps us all understand how family members of those who have died by suicide deal with the grief by embracing the grief.